"Balle" is a musical app that lets you interact with an audiovisual environment in real time. You can move around the balls and trigger different piano notes by bouncing the balls against the bounds of the app. You can make your own piece of music, record it as an audio file and share it with everyone.


Android version:

You'll find the recording files in the directory: sdcard/cc.openframeworks.Balle/rec


Desktop version for Windows (tested on XP and 7)


Extract the entire folder compressed in the file you downloaded and then just run the .exe file called "Balle".

Check the app's controls info in "key_commands.jpg". The recording files will be placed in the "recording" folder and named as "record.wav".


-- Audiovisual environment built with Openframeworks (http://www.openframeworks.cc)

-- Sound Engine developed using:

- Pure Data (http://puredata.info)

- ATSH (http://musica.unq.edu.ar/personales/odiliscia/software/ATSH-doc.htm)